Squares-X app review: a throwback puzzle

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While high-tech games are pretty fun and incredible, who says the throwback styles aren't as fun; in fact, they can be more entertaining. The Squares-X app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as a way to enjoy good old-fashioned retro-style puzzle gaming. This game features 45 levels, all of which take plenty of control and skill to beat. You'll be using a virtual joystick to control this game, which just adds to the whole retro fun of it all.

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A game of good cube, bad cube!

Being square is a thing in this game. You control the Square X and fly it through wave after wave of evil red skull squares. The basic survival task of not colliding with the enemy is one thing, but levels are only completed by collecting enough of the other colored squares to get enough points before the time runs out.

Squares-X is truly easy to pick up but hard to master! The intensity increases until the player is required to show some real skill and epic reaction times if he wants to complete all 45 levels of which the first 15 are absolutely FREE.

Show your friends how it is done and challenge them with your high scores in the Game Center.

You want to play? Then follow and "be square"!

Fingerfootball or how to keep it up

Kick. It. Up. And play for your country. Football fanatics love this game all across the world.

“International KickUp Cup 2014” is a football themed mobile scroller game in which the player has to tap the screen in order to dribble the football through goals.

You might recognize the general concept from another popular mobile game which involves a bird, but this game is different. It is different beyond the fact that it scrolls bottom to top instead of sideways. The ball actually bounces on the grass and falls back down if you stop kicking it up.

A very catchy game which is hard to lay down. Apart from the game itself there is a community challenge running. Each player selects a country he wants to play for and at the end of a game run the player´s score is added to the country score. Every single player is helping his country to advance in the KickUp Cup country ranking. So even if in reality your country is not among the chosen few of the football world, you still get the chance to win a major football tournament this year.

"International KickUp Cup 2014" is a joint venture of C-thirty6 and Appsbakery.

The game is available on the Google Play Store right now. Keep an eye out for our IOS version that will be released soon.

You want to play? Then follow and "Kick it Up!"

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